My name is David Oldfield and I am a christian, husband, father, brother and son.  That is all-ish.

I’m also the Associate Pastor at The Potter’s House Church of God in Columbus, Ohio.  God has richly blessed me with so many things.  I have a wonderfully amazing wife, Erin.  We have been married since November 2005 and my love for her grows with each day.  On March 18th, 2011, we had our son, Graham.  He has changed both of us.  I see the world completely differently now that my son lives in it.  Being a father and a husband has pushed me to become a better man both physically and spiritually.  Our children need faithful fathers with the heart of God more than ever, and I plan on giving that to my son.  Much like my father gave me.  Which is a perfect segway into my family, my dad is the Pastor of the Potter’s House, Tim Oldfield.  God has used him in an unbelievable way and continues to do so.  My mom is an anointed singer and can tear the roof off of a church in about 30 seconds flat.  I have two brothers, who are both younger, Michael, who is currently a Youth/Music Pastor at the Cornerstone Church of God in Lebanon, Ohio.  He is a tremendously gifted young man.  My other brothers name is Jonathan.  He is a senior in High School and God has such a bright future just waiting for him.  He has such a huge heart filled with compassion.


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